How to Play UNO

One of the best and most played games by friends, families and possibly, even at work is UNO card game. This particular game is using specialized deck of cards and there are a lot of ways actually on how you will be able to boost your chances of winning in this game.

Tip number 1. Save your draw cards – there are many people who are putting their draw cards down on early phase of the game whether you believe it or not. And why not they wouldn’t do it, this gives them the feel that they’re in control of the game. As soon as they make use of it however, it is basically over for them. The truth is, there are several reasons on why this must be drawn later like for example, you can make the next player to draw 4 rather than drawing 2 and when someone else has used draw 2 cards on you, you may put a draw 2 card on top of it. Some draw cards in an effort to stop them to win the game when someone has UNO that you want to have.

Tip number 2. Save the wild cards – the same thing also goes for the wild cards, avoid using them unless you really have to. Always remember that you can put down a wild card but, you might not be able to get another chance to put down your blue 4.
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Tip number 3. UNO draw – while it is true that it is best to save your cards for later, you probably don’t want others to win. When someone is about to, you can stop them by forcing them to draw 2 cards.
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Tip number 4. Observe other players – in case that the color is blue and you have 2 reds, 2 blues and a wild but others try to change it to blue, it is just fine to use your wild card and chance it to red and play your cards as that player will probably change it to blue again.

Tip number 5. Plan ahead and be creative – say that someone 2 turns after you is UNO and you know the player directly next to you has draw 2, try putting down the draw 2 yourself. Actually, this is going to force that next player to put down and draw 2 and make the next player with UNO to draw four.

Say that you are playing UNO a lot of times and you are having a hard time to win, consider these tips and practice it every game and you’ll see that your odds of winning will increase.

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