Battery Buying Guide: How to Select Your CR123s Grasping the many specifications and terminologies when searching for batteries to buy may make your experience more daunting than necessary. Typically, a common issue among battery buyers revolves around what really is great (or not) about CR123s. This article is meant to help you buy your CR123 battery based on a good understanding of its capabilities. Rechargeable Batteries The matter of whether a battery is rechargeable or not can substantially influence your decision to buy it. A CR123 is powered by lithium chemistry and is not for recharge. On the other hand, RCR123s are rechargeable and that’s made possible through Li-Ion chemistry.
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If you need to buy a battery with a higher voltage, pick a rechargeable CR123 (RCR123). RCR123s usually come with a higher voltage than their non-rechargeable versions. Nonetheless, it’s specs for your electronic device that should determine what voltage you should seek for your CR123s. While some devices are constructed to accept higher voltage, others are built for just 3.0 volts. It is important to note this as too much voltage may not only damage your device but also create unsafe conditions. When using a higher voltage rechargeable battery, it is possible for a flashlight to generate a brighter light. On the whole, the difference may not be noticeable since the circuitry of most flashlights is able to counteract the discrepancies with a view to increasing performance efficiency. Capacity of the Battery The capacity of a cell represents the highest amount of energy it can store. A cell that has a higher capacity is capable of having an extended run time, provided that the same device under the same conditions is used. If you’re looking for a high capacity battery, such as the capacity of 1400 mAh, a CR123 is great. This means that CR123 batteries have a longer run time than their rechargeable counterparts. The only issue is that the non-rechargeable batteries don’t support repeated use. On the contrary, you may recharge an RCR123 thousands of instances. Take Shelf Life into Account One of the strongest qualities of CR123 batteries is their prolonged shelf life. Such batteries can be store in a wide array of environments, including hot and cold, for up to 10 years without losing their usefulness. All that time, they will keep their power and be ready for sustained deployment even in emergencies. Battery Protection A number of concerns may dictate your decision in favor of a rechargeable or non-rechargeable CR123, but no matter your decision, ensure that the battery is protected. Battery protection prevents it from overcharging or over discharging. In a nutshell, both CR123 batteries and RCR123s are perfect for running your gadget.

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