Whatever reason you’ve decided to resurface your garage floor, hiring a contractor can ensure the project is completed in a timely fashion and done right. Choosing a quality contractor may not be as easy as choosing the color of the floor, but there are some simple steps to find a good professional. A quality contractor can make installing that beautiful, durable epoxy flooring a stress-free project.


A quick search for epoxy contractors near me results in a number of companies to choose from. Take the search a step forward by searching the company name with reviews after it. References from family and friends can be a great place to start your search. Look into the contractors portfolio, most have them on their websites.


Professional contractors should be licensed and insured in case things go wrong. You don’t want any contractor working on your home without the proper licensing and insurance. You can be left on the hook if something goes wrong.


Don’t take the contractor’s word for anything. Have everything in writing and signed. All contracts and warranties need to be in written form. If the company offers a warranty on their labor and the coating, check the fine print prior to signing.


The length of time they’ve been in business says a lot about their reputation. Each state has a consumer protection agency that lists customer complaints. The Better Business Bureau is another place to check for complaints and if they were resolved. How they resolve complaints says more about the company than one bad customer review. If the contractor is new, ask for their references.


How does the company prepare the floor? A quality contractor uses a variety of mechanical means such as shot blasting or grinding to prepare the floor for the epoxy. They should be able to not only spot problems with the concrete but be able to fix them as well. Ask how they work, with what products and any unexpected costs such as concrete patching before signing the contract.

It’s not always a good idea to go with the lowest bidder. Thoroughly researching, asking questions and reading the fine print can help you make an educated decision about the contractor you hire. After all, they are working in your home and potentially around your family. The quality of their work and the reputation of the company should weigh as much as the cost of the project. The results often speak for themselves that it was money well spent.

How To Choose an Epoxy Floor Contractor