How to Install a Basement Window Well Window wells are constructed in such a way that it is located outside the house on a ground or basement level windows which gives more light and at the same time keeping away the soil and water away from the window. It is usually constructed a few or a meter deep down into the ground with a small layer filled with gravel to drain the well. Window wells are considered practical and at the same time decorative. A basement window well is a perfect plan for your home that allows sufficient natural lighting making it a comfortable area to spend time with. The most important thing when it comes to remodeling your home is the safety side of things especially if you have children playing around. It is for the safety reason why basement window wells are carefully planned and installed in today’s modern architecture. The importance of having a window well allow you to escape any disaster or emergencies through your window well and also enable rescuers to act upon these situations which increases the survival rate. Here are some of the basement window wells you can choose from: The mesh cover which is built with an expanded metal top. If you want to keep put debris while making sure your children and pets are safe, you may want to choose this pattern for you basement window wells. It has a unique vinyl coating which is applied for extra durability against drafts and elements. You may prefer our classic cover which is ideal for durability and strength. It is matches any landscape with its beautiful cover! The basement window well cover is made of polycarbonate cover which keeps debris, rain and snow away.
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It is the best time for you to install your window wells in your home today so you can enjoy the comfort of living in your beautiful and safe home. If you prefer not to get a professional advise, then you must learn two things: Don’t be bothered about getting your municipal authorities’ permission when planning to install just a small-scale window well. However, if you are planning a large project, you may require some special building permissions. It is very important to watch out any water accumulation on your window wells. Make sure to install your basement window well properly because the gravel is used to improve drainage and having a bad grade can result to a disaster. Secure your foundation with bolts and be sure to fill the bottom part as well as the perimeter with 10 cm layer of gravel. You may also consider seeking a professional help if there is any excess area around the window well to save you time and effort.A Brief Rundown of Products

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